Why immediate response to a Flood is Important

April 02 2012


When you have a flood, whether it be a toilet overflow or a sewer backup, immediate response is key to mitigate damages.  It is very important to take immediate action when you notice any unwanted water in your home or you could run into mold issues.  Immediately call a contractor certified in water damage such as Renotown to properly dry all areas.  A Certified Contractor has all the proper equipment and tools to properly dry all affected areas so you don’t run into mold problems.

       Mold, with the proper conditions could begin to form on building material in as early as 3 days.  If you wait too long after a flood or leak, a Water damage project could turn into a Mold Remediation Project over night and costs could be double or even triple.  In addition to higher costs involved with mold remediation, you have health issues;   breathing in these mold spores could possibly pose health risks.  For these reasons alone you shouldn’t wait to call the professionals, it is by far not worth the wait.


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