Wind Damage

Wind damage to properties can happen unexpectedly and cause devastating results.

Renotown provides a 24/7 specialist wind damage restoration service to both domestic and commercial properties.

High wind can cause all types of damage such as roof shingles being ripped off and trees collapsing onto buildings. When wind damage occurs it is essential to make your property safe, secure and watertight as soon as possible!

When you contact Renotown you can be assured of a quick, professional and effective response to the wind damage on your property – however challenging that damage might be. Our experienced team of professionals will assess the structural effects of wind damage to your property to ensure that we provide you with the quickest and best restoration services.

Call toll-free on 1-877-553-7366 if an emergency or call (905)-552-RENO (7366) or email for a free estimate. See all contact details »